Shark Teeth Films

People ask us all the time, “How do you find such great characters?” Truth is, we love meeting new people from across North America and around the world. Oh yeah, hard work, meticulous research, and good old fashioned phone calling also help.

Telling authentic stories is what drives us, but production values are paramount and we use the latest technologies to shoot entertainment that is beautiful and future proof.

Founded in 2010 by Adrian Carter and Tom Mudd, Shark Teeth Films
is a pretty big deal.

Adrian Carter

Executive Producer Adrian Carter is an award winning producer and director.
Prior to starting Shark Teeth Films, Adrian co-founded animation house Smiley Guy Studios. Some career credits include  Odd Job Jack (The Comedy Network), Sons of Butcher (Teletoon), High Tech Rednecks (Discovery Canada), Lowcountry Raiders (Discovery Canada) and Okies vs. Aliens (National Geographic). Email:


Tom Mudd

Tom is an award winning producer
who held senior positions at Canada’s
top production companies before founding
Shark Teeth Films with Adrian Carter in 2010.
Tom has played a pivotal role in STF’s significant growth as the company is now recognized for its creative efforts and business success. Along with Adrian Carter, Tom is the creator, producer and executive producer of all of STF’s projects.



Greg Horton

As Executive in Charge of Production, Greg Horton is responsible for the production of all of STF’s shows. Prior to joining Adrian and Tom in 2010, Greg held senior positions at several of North America’s top production houses. As producer Greg has a number of Canadian and International awards to his credit.