DEEP SEA MYSTERIES chronicles the adventures of guerrilla Marine Biologist
Paul Clerkin on his quest to find and tag rare and unknown species of deep sea shark. 
Clerkin is a marine biologist and shark expert with a keen eye for unique sharks - he’s
already discovered 12 new species. His infectious passion for sharks takes him to some
of the remotest and most dangerous places in the world.
RUGGED JUSTICE follows Washington State's Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Program as they police the Evergreen State's unforgiving mountain terrains, twisted rainforest back roads and densely populated coastal areas. Now in post production on the 3rd season, viewers follow the WDFW Police Officers as they patrol more than 42 million acres of rugged terrain, half of it heavily forested and filled with wild animals, and often dangerous people.
Husband and wife dynamos Rob and Lisa Brandsma own and operate Brandsma Renos & Design. They help their clients find and renovate their dream homes – turning dilapidated houses into showplaces.
HIGH TECH REDNECKS follows the high-octane antics of the Critter Gitters Hunting Equipment Company, as owner Bob Woodcock and his merry band of redneck mechanics construct and modify some of the most badass vehicles on the planet; if you can dream it, Bob can build it!
Okies vs. Aliens follows Bobby Sparks Jr. and Sr. as they chase invasive species and the American Dream across the southern U.S.A.
Beneath the saltwater rivers of South Carolina, fossil hunters brave the black water for a prize unlike any other – Megalodon teeth.
RADICAL RIDES tours America in search of the most cutting-edge and head-turning recreational vehicles. From Los Angeles to South Carolina, this show covers it all.

We make awesome TV

Founding partners Adrian Carter and Tom Mudd started Shark Teeth Films in 2010 to create original format shows based on unique and engaging characters, and to tell stories that inspire and entertain.

We get asked all the time, “How do you find these stories?” Truth is, we love meeting new people from across North America and around the world. Oh yeah, hard work, meticulous research, and good old-fashioned phone calling also help. Telling authentic stories is what drives us, but production values are paramount—we use the latest production technologies to make shows that are both beautiful and “future proof.”

Telling fresh, character-driven stories from a unique point of view is our signature. Creating the highest quality entertainment is the end result.

Shark Teeth Films is based in Toronto, Canada.

Meet The STF Team
Executive Producer and Co-Founder Adrian Carter is an award winning producer and director. Prior to starting Shark Teeth Films, Adrian co-founded animation house Smiley Guy Studios. Some career credits include Odd Job Jack (The Comedy Network), Sons of Butcher (Teletoon), High Tech Rednecks(Discovery Canada), Lowcountry Raiders (Discovery Canada) and Rugged Justice (Animal Planet).
Executive Producer / Co-Founder
Adrian Carter
Tom Mudd
As Executive Producer and Co-Founder of Shark Teeth Films, Tom has helped build the company into a sought-after creator of awesome content. An award winning producer with more than a decade in the television industry, Tom held senior positions at Canada’s top production companies before launching Shark Teeth Films with Adrian Carter in 2010. Now he runs one of the finest forward thinking production companies in the land. His passion for the business of making great content is what continues to inspire and drive him -- often keeping Tom up at night with a head full of crazy TV ideas.
Executive Producer / Co-Founder
Greg Horton
Greg is a versatile, award-winning producer with 20 years experience working across all content genres. Greg’s range of production experience includes everything from music videos to series television. A few of Greg’s Production credits include the Rugged Justice, High Tech Rednecks and the Cannes selected film Truth in Advertising. Greg oversees all production at Shark Teeth Films. He is also involved in the creation and development of new projects, including scripted and non-scripted content.
Executive in Charge of Production
Ben Manthorpe
Ben is an award-winning editor with 15 years experience. After a three day gig turned into five years of making content at Shark Teeth Films, he now handles all things post related.  As lead editor and post supervisor, Ben is a super busy guy. His duties include editing on all company productions and development projects plus managing the expanding needs of the post department. He keeps up with the latest trends to tailor the company's hardware and workflow to handle the latest production technologies used in the field.
Post-Production Supervisor/Lead Editor
Bob Yoshioka
With his background in animation and effects and decades of experience in film, commercials and television Bob applies his eye for detail and creativity to every thing we make. He gives us the ability to do more in-house so our shows always stand above the rest.
VFX Supervisor



Shark Teeth Films

42 Gladstone Avenue, Suite 204
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 3K6